About us

Luxvic, a simple place for those who love quality works of art.

Dear friends of Art,

I have felt a powerful attraction and a great passion for genuine Art, year after year, by visiting French and international museums.

Anything can be learnt indeed! Yet, you must feel, to the core, this little extra which offers you the “positive curiosity” I call: artistic culture!

As far as I’m concerned, everyone can experience true "cultural emotions", while looking at a work of art and its pure simplicity or complexity…

Nevertheless, don’t pretend to be knowledgeable, all you need to do is enjoy what is "genuine and beautiful"!

My path in life was determined by my background in the textile industry… Although I made it my career and am now in my sixties, I can finally indulge in that, which is my reason for arising every morning, “cultural art, commercial art", or should I say "dazzling art"!

Should I share my passion with others living in today’s digital world with its “economic and social context”? I would say sharing knowledge and even business affairs, creates a favourable environment in which to meet and get to know you. Let Culture and History offer you a part of a dream.

Why have I chosen this name "LUXVIC"?
LUX is for "premium quality with its singular ingenuity" and V.I.C. for "Very Important Client"! The two key features of this website are the respect of the clients and of the artworks. This lasting high-quality model of relationship won’t accept boredom, deception or mediocrity between you and me.

As Marcel Duchamp I like to think that "Art is the unique activity which allows humans to arise and express themselves, this is all a matter of personality. Art lets humans go beyond the animal stage because it leads towards the regions where time and distance don’t matter anymore."

Yours sincerely

PS: All our works of art are visible by appointment, contact us +33 (0)607337352 - hugo@luxvic.com.